Hythe Life!

Well what a few days it's been for Hythe, jam packed full of events, celebrations and music all thanks to the hard work of the Hythe Festival team...well done you guys!  Hope you've all enjoyed it as much as we have!  We also thought we'd take the opportunity to spread the word about our upcoming We Love Hythe Life Food Festival so we took to the streets for the High Streets Hullabaloo on Saturday.  It was great to see everyone out and about and meet lots of holiday makers in town lapping up the festival spirit (I think some of them were under the impression that this is just how we roll on a regular summers Saturday in the High Street!).  We teamed up with the lovely Susan and David from Mulberry Flooring who kindly gave us the space outside their shop to promote the We Love Hythe Life Food Festival and to serve up some seasonal Pimms to passers-by - such a tough job!  Inadvertantly perfectly positioned as we were lucky enough to be entertained all day by the sights and sounds of the Lindy Hoppers, who took us back to the dance hall days of the jitterbug!

Chatting with everyone actually flagged up something pretty surprising...there are many of you it seems that remain unaware of the fact that Hythe Life Magazine is a actually a Community Interest Company.  Maybe we need to shout about that a little more as everything we do at the magazine is to for the sole purpose of reinvesting straight back into the community.  Everyone involved in the magazine all contribute their time and talents in a voluntary capacity and love working in the knowledge that their efforts will be repayed by helping and funding community projects.  This is one of the reasons (and there are many!) why we are so excited about stepping into the world of events as it means that we will be able to offer our sponsorship to bigger and far reaching projects within our town.  We are planning on our inaugral Food Festival to be the start of fabulous things to come and we are all set for this to become an annual event.  If anyone would like to get involved with the food festival in any way, please do get in touch with us as we are definitely on the look out for volunteers!  After speaking with some of you over the course of the weekend and sharing the fact that we are a not for profit company managed to get us some volunteers signed up on the day, so if you'd like to follow suit, mail us via the link below or give us a call on 07881 783 677...


We hope to hear from you soon!